Having Fun with Facebook’s New 3D Photos

If you’re a regular user of Facebook I’m sure you’ve noticed the cool new 3D photos by now. When viewing on a mobile device you move the device around, which then moves the photo, giving it a fairly convincing 3D effect. If you’re using a desktop device, you mouse over the image and move the mouse around, or wait a few seconds and it will start moving on it’s own.

To create and upload a 3D photo on Facebook you’ll need one of the newer phones that has multiple cameras and can take photos in “Portrait” mode. When your phone takes a photo in Portrait mode it’s actually taking two photos which allows the background layer to be blurred for that traditional portrait look. When you upload such a photo to Facebook by selecting “3D Photo” from the options, their software creates an image where the layers move independently of each other, thus creating the 3D effect.

3D Photo is rolling out to everyone on Facebook but may not have finished it’s roll out so, if you don’t have the option when you create a post, it’s either because it hasn’t gotten to you yet or you’re not uploading a photo taken in Portrait mode with your mobile phone camera.