Does Your LinkedIn Cover Look Good on Both the Computer and the Mobile App?

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn I’m sure you’ve uploaded a nice cover image, right? Surely you’re not using that default cover with the star patterns on the blue background are you? Good, then let’s proceed.

Have you noticed that the position of your round profile photo is different depending on whether you’re viewing LinkedIn on your computer or your mobile phone? For some reason their designers decided it was a good idea to center the profile photo in the mobile app but have it over on the far left side on computers. That creates a potential problem you need to consider when designing an image or choosing a photo for your cover.

I was prompted to write this quick post today after I designed and uploaded my new cover image. Originally I designed it to use a horizontal photo of a building on the left and a horizontal photo of a watch on the right with a vertical photo of a hamburger sandwiched between the two. Looked great when I uploaded it on my computer. Job done, pop the lime in the Corona and jump in the pool. But wait, not so fast Chuckie, there seems to be a problem with that cool cover now that I see it on my cell phone. Your dang profile photo is slap in the middle and damn near completely covering your juicy hamburger. Back to Photoshop for you silly boy, the pool can wait.

So, I ended up dumping the center photo and just going with two horizontal photos, which looks good on mobile with my profile photo centered and looks reasonably good on the computer with my photo on the left side. Considering the fact that the vast majority of people who will be viewing your LinkedIn page will be doing so on their mobile phones, I think it behooves (love those old English words) you to make sure the image you’re using looks good in both the mobile app and on the computer, but especially in the mobile app.